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Two Young Girls SmilingMeasuring and Monitoring Health System Performance

“A strong health system ensures that people and institutions, both public and private, effectively undertake core functions to improve health outcomes.  It protects citizens from catastrophic financial loss and impoverishment resulting from illness or injury, and ensures consumer satisfaction, in an equitable, efficient and sustainable manner.  Many low and middle income countries face significant challenges in providing essential health services due to inefficient use of resources, weak information systems, a limited health workforce, and other systemic challenges.  However, even the most resource constrained health system can improve health outcomes by addressing critical systems gaps.  Scientific advances, technological innovation, and economic growth provide countries with additional opportunities to address these gaps and expand and allocate resources for health more efficiently and equitably”.

“In order to design effective strategies for creating a strong health system, countries first must have access to critical information on the strengths and limitations of their system.   An effective assessment tool must be flexible and participatory in order to respond to the context specific needs of each country.  The tool must also be thorough and rigorous enough to provide solid evidence that will guide effective policy and decision-making”. [1]

This site offers several tools and resources to help measure and evaluate health systems performance including the following:


[1] Quoted from the Foreword of the Health System Assessment Approach Manual version 2.0