Eye Health Systems Assessment (EHSA)

Following the success of the Health Systems Assessment (HSA) approach, a consortium of eye care experts and health experts, coordinated by the International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, developed the Eye Health Systems Assessment (EHSA) approach as a complement to the HSA.

Over the last few years, increasing efforts have been invested in exploring the relationship between the eye health system and the general health system. A general consensus is emerging in the international eye care community that the effectiveness of eye care interventions can only be improved through better understanding of how health systems function.

In parallel with the HSA approach, the EHSA approach is designed to provide a rapid and yet comprehensive assessment of the key health systems functions and their interactions, as relating to the eye care system: governance; financing; service delivery; human resources; medical products, vaccines and technologies; and information systems.

The EHSA How-To Manual focuses on a list of selected indicators or questions used to measure the performance of the eye health system, and on possible sources of information where relevant information can be found.

View or Download the EHSA How-To Manual:
Eye Health System Assessment (EHSA): How to Connect Eye Care with the General health system

Recent Country Reports:

Ghana Eye Health System Assessment Report

Sierra Leone Eye Health System Assessment Report

Zambia Eye Health System Assessment Report

For more information, please contact:

Karl Blanchet
International Centre for Eye Health
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine